Weaving Spells is the story of how Kirinna went to find her betrothed Dogal the night before their wedding, and instead became involved in completing a complex spell being cast by the wizard Alladia. The story involves a sterling example of how a little common sense goes a long way when being involved with magic.

Named CharactersEdit


  • Kirinna


  • Dogal - Kirinna's betrothed who went to sell a sky-stone that fell in his field to Alladia.
  • Alladia - A local wizard who was in the midst of trying to complete a transporting tapestry which would take her to Shan on the Desert when Dogal arrived.


  • Kinner - great-grandfather whose sword Kirinna ran off with


  • Alladia should not be confused with Alladia of Shiphaven.
  • The village in which the story is set is on the coast about 100 leagues away from Shan on the Desert.
  • Kirinna's great-grandfather was in the Great War, setting the story much earlier than many of the novels.

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