The Warlock House is an upscale mansion in Ethshar of the Spices. The building sits on High Street between Merchant Street and Coronet Street in the New City district. It came to be the headquarters of the Council of Warlocks when Chairman Hanner established the organization. The building had previously been a private residence built by his uncle Lord Faran, being inherited after Faran's death.

The building has four floors and a largely unused attic. The first floor has a ballroom, dining room, sitting room, and servants’ rooms behind the kitchen on the ground floor, though there have been no servants since early in Hanner's tenure as Chairman such mundane chores being accomplished through judiciuos application of warlockry.

The second floor has the master bedroom and ten other bedrooms, while there are twelve rooms on the third floor, and eight on the fourth, though four of the rooms on the fourth floor are dead storage for left-over magical stuff. The rooms on the fourth floor are larger than on the second or third because they were originally workrooms and storage, not bedrooms. The walls on the fourth floor slop in slightly because of the house's mansard roof, and all the fourth floor windows are in dormers. The third and fourth floors were virtually never used; Lord Faran had kept them closed off when he was alive, allowing no one up there but himself, and the Council never needed that much space. The back part of the fourth floor contains some unidentified bits of magical "junk," left over from a collection the Lord Faran had. There is an attic, though it's never been used for storage, and is low enough even average height individuals need to duck. It is, however, the exit to a Transporting Tapestry located in the Warlocks' Refuge.

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