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Born: YS 5191,
Death: 5236
Trade: Emperor, Warlockry
Called: 5221, Effective Age: 30
Home: Empire of Vond
Birth Place: Ethshar of the Spices
Associated with: Sterren of Semma
Novels and Short Stories
The Unwilling Warlord, The Unwelcome Warlock

Vond the Warlock, Vond the Great, or the Emperor Vond is almost certainly the most powerful warlock ever known. In 5220 YS he was at the end of a typical career in warlockry. Dangerously close to being Called after being hired to magically dredge the Grand Canal he was looking for passage to the Small Kingdoms. He met Sterren of Semma when the warlord came to Ethshar of the Spices to hire magicians to stop the invasion of Semma by its larger neighbors. While in the Small Kingdoms Vond discovered an alternate Source situated in Lumeth of the Towers and, after adjusting himself to receive power from this new source, he became the most powerful warlock, if not the most powerful magician, active in the Small Kingdoms. Subsequently, he founded an Empire named after himself starting by annexing the kingdoms invading Semma, Semma's own annexation being presumed and only later formalized. Vond became frighteningly powerful before finally being Called to Aldagmor in 5221.

Vond was subsequently released from the Calling with all other warlocks in 5236. While other warlocks seem to have been rendered powerless in the absence of the Aldagmor Source he continued to draw power from the Lumeth Source displaying that he retained significant power. He has displayed the ability to lift the entire Palace from its place without exercising his full power. Subsequently he claimed he could simply lift the entire city. Given the feats of warlockry he performed prior to being called, including "bending up" the edge of the World, this is well within the realm of possibility.[1]

Vond was ultimately killed by Rudhira of Camptown while trapped in the Refuge created by Chairman Hanner and thus cut off from warlockry.

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