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Varrin's Lesser Propulsion
Order: ?
Created by: Varrin
Effect: levitation
seven white stones Athame symbol
Novels and Short Stories
The Spriggan Mirror, The Unwelcome Warlock

Varrin’s Lesser Propulsion enchants an object to fly and shift somewhat to ensure safe and (relatively) comfortable accommodation of passengers. The spell needs to be renewed regularly. When first cast it lasts for one cycle of the greater moon, from one full moon to the next, but every time the spell is renewed it lasts twice as long so after a few cycles it lasts for years at a time. For example, at the tenth renewal it lasts a little less than seventy-nine years. Each renewal is more difficult, however, primarily because certain elements of the original spell must be used.

Traditionally used on carpets, though by YS 5236 its use to create flying carrages has come into fashion.

Partial components; seven white stones.

Compare: Varrin's Greater Propulsion

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