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Transporting Tapestry
Order: 12
Created by: Unknown
Effect: transportation
gold, silver, fresh pine needles, a white candle, a black candle, a blood red candle, a white rose, a red rose, incense Athame symbol
Novels and Short Stories
With a Single Spell, Weaving Spells, The Misenchanted Sword, The Spell of the Black Dagger, The Final Calling

The Transporting Tapestry is a twelfth order spell, requiring a full year and a day to perform. When complete this spell creates a tapestry which acts as a one way portal to the location perfectly depicted within it. This spell is used to enact instantaneous transportation across long distances, though the quirks of the spell have created some unusual incidents. If a tapestry is even slightly flawed with regards to the image it depicts the transportation will fail, at best. Often tapestries which show some natural feature, such as lighting, instead of failing to work will simply delay arrival until the destination again appears as shown. One circumstance where the creator failed to pay attention to the position of stars in the night sky caused those sent through to delay arrival until the position of the stars had shifted, over a century after they attempted entry. Less predictable changes, such as objects not depicted in the tapestry being left where they should be seen, tend to simply make the tapestry fail.

Conversely, if an image is woven which cannot be correlated to an known place, the tapestry seems perfectly able to create such places from nothing or find them however far from the World they may be.

Because the Transporting Tapestry only provides one-way travel it is very possible to be trapped somewhere if proper precautions have not been taken. Normally this is done by producing Tapestries in pairs; one for each direction of travel. Because of the notoriously temperamental nature of the tapestries this is no guarantee it will work, however, as demonstrated when Karanissa of the Mountains was trapped in a pocket dimension for over four hundred years until rescued by Tobas of Telven.

Such tapestries are generally only made when a wizard has assistance. For the duration of the enchanting process the wizard cannot cast any other magic and the tapestry itself must continue to be worked on, as the weaving itself is part of the casting- though it can be assumed by others, including non-wizards.

components; the caster's athame which is used to make all cuts, thirty pounds of gold, thirty pounds of silver, three fresh pine needles, three candles (one white, one black, and one blood red), a white rose, a red rose, and a particular sort of incense.

Known TapestriesEdit

DestinationLast known locationOwnerCreated byFirst Appeared
The walls of Ethshar of the Rockstravelingthe Ethsharatic ArmyUnknownThe Misenchanted Sword
Shan on the DesertAlladia's houseAlladiaAlladiaWeaving Spells
Derithon's Otherworld CastleEthshar of the SandsTobas of TelvenDerithon the MageWith a Single Spell
Derithon's Flying CastleDestroyedTobas of TelvenDerithon the MageWith a Single Spell
Guardhouse in Ethshar of the SpicesDerithon's Otherworld CastleUnknownUnknownThe Spell of the Black Dagger
The Inner Circle meeting placeEthshar of the SpicesIthinia of the Isleunknown (presumably Ithinia)Night of Madness
Hanner's RefugeWarlock HouseChairman HannerArvagan the GrayThe Warlock's Refuge/The Final Calling
Warlock HouseThe Warlocks' RefugeChairman HannerArvagan the GrayThe Warlock's Refuge/The Final Calling
Santa's workshopTazar's shop; instructed to put it away "somewhere very safe"AlirTazar the MagnificentThe God in Red