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Tracel's Levitation
Order: ?
Created by: Tracel
Effect: levitation
a rooster's toe, an empty vial, a raindrop caught in mid- air Athame symbol
Novels and Short Stories
Ingredients, Ithanalin's Restoration

Tracel's Levitation is a relatively simple spell requires about four or five minutes to cast. Upon completion the spell allows the caster to levitate. They feel weightless and can rise to any height they wish. Once at that height their mass becomes attracted to the location, meaning pulling an individual under this spell down requires the effort just as lifting them above that point would. With this spell the subject can rise to a desired height, look around, and then, upon speaking a command word which ends the spell, be slowly lowered. This spell provides no ability to move around horizontally, however.

Components; a rooster's toe, an empty vial, a raindrop caught in mid- air, and the caster's athame.

[Chanting,] she dipped the raindrop up with the cock's toe, performed the necessary ritual gestures, transferred the drop to the empty vial, then closed the vial and tapped it with her athame.
At that tap she felt suddenly light; she tucked everything but her knife away and spoke the final word, and rose from the muddy ground.
A moment later she stopped herself, hanging unsupported thirty feet in the air...


(compare Varen's Levitation)