The Tower of Flame is a location in the Small Kingdoms where fire magically gushes forth from the ground creating a permanent column of fire. Located in Eknissamor, the mountains to the southeast of Dwomor, best records show that as of the 5220's the Tower has existed for over eight hundred years. The Tower is often used as an example of what carelessness with wizardry can cause as it is the result of a minor disruption to a simple, low order, spell.

According to Vond the Warlock, the Tower appears to be some sort of temporal-stasis effect--an "echo" of the original fire. As Vond describes it, "...there are streaks of... of unreality, woven together with something that looks and feels like fire, but... the actual fire isn’t there anymore. We’re seeing a fire that burned a long time ago, trapped in magic and reflected over and over.”

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