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Tira of Eastgate
Born: YS 5191,
Age: 45
Trade: Witchcraft
Master: Sensella the Witch
Home: Home::Ethshar of the Rocks
Married to Dar of Norcross Street
Parents: Keshan the Merchant, Piri of Ethshar
Novels and Short Stories
The Spriggan Mirror

Tira of Eastgate was born on the thirtieth of Snowfall, YS 5191, served as apprentice to Sensella the Witch from the fifth of Rains, 5204, to the sixth of Rains, 5210, and remained as Sensella’s associate until Sensella’s death in 5226, whereupon she inherited the shop. Tira married a theurgist named Dar of Norcross Street, some ten years her senior, on the sixth of Leafcolor, 5210. They have four children, two of each sex.

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