Syndisha is one of the Small Kingdoms located on the Great Highway between Bugoa and Tuyoa, with Mezgalon to the east

The centre of government is Syndisha Castle which is a gigantic fortress of four concentric rings. The outer ring is used as a market place, with the town of Syndisha itself in the next ring, and the houses of the nobility and the wealthy in the next ring. The innermost ring is where the King of Syndisha has his keep.

Irith the Flyer stated that the fortifications of Syndisha were constructed thus, as this part of the Small Kingdoms possesses "the smallest and nastiest kingdoms of them all" and that there are continual wars thereabouts; however a fortification of this size is entirely beyond the financial capabilities of anything less advanced than an early modern period state, so it seems likely that this castle originates in a fortification of Old Ethshar built prior to or during the Great War.

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