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Spell of Reversal
Order: 10
Created by: Unknown
Effect: reversed time
hair from a stillborn child, candles, water, shiny stones Athame symbol

the Spell of Reversal is a tenth order spell that;

"...reverses a process or undoes a spell, so if you’re quick enough and a good enough wizard you can undo some of your worst mistakes. There are rumors it’s even been able to raise the dead if the timing’s just right. You can make a broken jar unbreak itself, a knife unrust, blood flow back into a wound, or a river run uphill. But it doesn’t reverse it permanently—after half an hour or so it wears off and the natural flow is restored. If you’ve reversed it back to before the process started you can try to prevent it happening again—put the jar somewhere safe, keep the knife dry, bandage the wound—but the natural order returns, and that river’s going to run downhill again, the wound is going to bleed, and you can’t stop it."

Ironically, the spell takes more than a half hour to cast- severely limiting its usefulness.[1]

Partial components; hair from a stillborn child, candles, water, and shiny stones.

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