The Soldier's Field is a stretch of land that goes around inside the walls of Ethshar of the Rocks. The field exists because the law sets aside a hundred feet inside the walls in which no permanent structure can be built. Originally set down during the Great War the law was intended to make it possible for troops and machinery to move around inside the walls if the city came under attack. Because it is permanently open and sleeping outdoors anywhere else in the city makes a person subject to immediate enslavement if found by slavers it has become the refuge of anyone without enough money or sense to find better accommodations. Guardsmen rarely enter the field, making at an attractive hiding place for thieves, murderers, and others who live outside the law, meaning when the guard does enter the field it does so in force.

Each of the three major cities in the Hegemony of the Three Ethshars has this field, though the traditional name differs. In Ethshar of the Spices the field is called the Hundred Foot Field, while in Ethshar of the Sands it's called the Wall Street Field.

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