Shan on the Desert was the main supply depot for the Eastern Command that fought under General Terrek in the Great War. Due to the number of magicians present during the invasion of demons that happened at the time, and the protective spells those magicians had set over the depot, they were able to hold the demons off until the gods retaliated, banishing the demons back to the Nethervoid.

In modern day, it sits at one end of the Great Highway in the Great Eastern Desert at the edge of the Small Kingdoms. The city is known for its fabulous Bazaar where it is said most anything in the World can be found, though the bazaar specializes in sorcery. Shan has, however, seen better days. With the war-surplus stocks gone it is losing its pre-eminence as a hub of commerce to other more centrally located places like Ethshar of the Spices.

Shan is Ethsharatic for “base,” or “starting point,”[1] and Shan on the Desert should not be confused with Shan on the Sea. Dry Sardiron is a similarly located city at the edge of the Great Northern Desert.

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