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Seth Thorun's son

Death: 4763
Trade: Wizardry
Master: Kalirin the Clever
Associated with: Derithon the Mage

Seth Thorun's son was a bitter and inept former apprentice of Kalirin the Clever who rose to the rank of Captain in the Ethsharatic army.

In YS 4762 he used Ellran's Dissipation to slay Derithon the Mage by negating Varrin's Greater Propulsion which held his castle aloft in order to end a petty feud. He was tried for treason for this act by a military tribunal, found guilty, and hanged in 4763. Further, his book of spells was burned in an effort to suppress the spell.

Known: Thrindle's Combustion, Javan's First Augmentation of Magical Memory, Javan's Second Augmentation of Magical Memory, Ennerl's Total Invisibility, Spell of Sustenance, Haldane's Instantaneous Transformation, Fendel's Infatuous Love Spell, Ellran's Dissipation, Ellran's Immortal Animation

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