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Ritual Dance
Minor School of Magic.
This school draws its power from shared emotion..
Novels and Short Stories
Night of Madness, The Spriggan Mirror

Ritual Dance is a minor form of magic which derives its power from shared emotion. Groups of at least 8 dancers can accomplish a number of feats including improving a person's luck. For obvious reasons Ritual Dance requires a large area, if not a full ballroom, in which to be used and appear to require a mystic circle of some sort. Places used for Ritual Dance can be identified by chalk markings on the floor, though whether these are simply used to help guide dancers or for more esoteric reasons is unknown.

Ritual dancers usually wear red, white, and/or pink, but can add other bright colors. Females are careful, though, not to wear certain styles of red skirts which are the sign of a woman of negotiable affection.[1]

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