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A Fine Blemish Remover +blemish removal  +
Asherel's Transformation +Transforms target  +
Athamezation Spell +Creates an Athame  +
Bazil’s Irreversible Petrifaction +petrifaction  +
Black Dagger Spell +creates a black dagger  +
Call of Celestial Debris +rain of debris  +
Cauthen's Remarkable Love Spell +love  +
Cloak of Ethereality +Insubstantiality  +
Cold Death +death  +
Devouring Earth +a fissure in the ground  +
Eknerwal's Lesser Invisibility +Invisibility  +
Eknerwal's Preserving Spell +Preservation  +
Ellran's Dissipation +Null Wizardry area  +
Ellran's Immortal Animation +animated object  +
Ennerl's Total Invisibility +Invisibility  +
Enral's Eternal Youth Spell +eternal youth  +
Enral’s Preservation +Preservation  +
Eshom's Freshwater Spring +produces water  +
Eshom’s Oenological Transformation +transforms water to wine  +
Ethereal Entrapment +trap immaterial beings  +
Familiar Animation +animated object  +
Felshen's First Hypnotic +sleep  +
Fendel's Aphrodisiac Philtre +love  +
Fendel's Assassin +attack  +
Fendel's Divination +divination  +

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