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Piskor the Generous
Difficulty of Invocation: 1
Domain: food, water
Novels and Short Stories
The Unwilling Warlord, The Vondish Ambassador, The Final Calling

Piskor the Generous is a goddess often called upon for extending food supplies and purifying water. Piskor is a pretty accessible deity who takes a very specific interest in disasters involving large numbers of people in need of food or water.[1]

Once, the failed attempt of an apprentice theurgist summoned instead the God in Red.

partial incantation; "Awir thigo lan takkoz wesfir yu! Your generosity is needed!"

A doorway shrine to Piskor in the Allston neighborhood of Ethshar of the Spices shows a goddess or woman wearing a green robe and a golden tiara. Her hands are down and open, as if she’s giving something, but she isn’t smiling. There’s an offering bowl at her feet that generally contains nothing but dust.

A reputable theurgist said of it; long as that house is under her protection, no one within its walls shall starve, and all drinking water therein shall be pure and wholesome. To maintain her blessing the resident should place a copper bit in the bowl at least once a year; if it’s stolen, that’s fine, the goddess will consider it well spent. Should the goddess intervene directly on behalf of the resident, extending their food supplies or cleansing their water of disease, they may be called upon through dreams or other divine messages to perform certain minor services on her behalf for the poor and unfortunate of the city. One example would be distributing food in the Hundred-Foot Field, though it would be nothing too onerous. If these duties are ignored not only will Piskor’s protections be withdrawn, but neighbors will begin to become hostile.

The Vondish Ambassador

Hanner looked at the sky; the eastern horizon was brightening now. Dawn was almost upon them; that might help. He turned to see how the theurgists were doing, just in time to see a blaze of light. He felt a sudden pressure on his face and in his ears, and blinked; when his eyes opened again a woman was standing before him, a beautiful woman in a green gown and golden crown, thick black hair tumbling down her back, surrounded by a golden glow so intense Hanner could see nothing through it except the woman.
Or rather, the goddess, for there could be little doubt that this was one of the deities the theurgists had wanted to summon.
From Hanner’s point of view, though, she was not over near the theurgists, but standing right in front of him, scarcely out of arm’s reach, looking directly at him and speaking directly to him.
You will have food for three days, she said, speaking without sound. The water of the stream will be pure and clean. Because humanity must rely on itself and not upon gods, this is all I will give you until a year has passed. And before that year has passed, you will repay this by giving comfort to one who needs it – a blanket to one who has none, a roof to one who needs it for a night, or a meal to one who has not eaten that day.
Then she was gone, and an excited babble ran through the throng. As he listened, Hanner realized that every person there had seen the goddess as standing before him or her, and addressing him or her directly. And as he looked around, Hanner saw that a cloth-wrapped bundle lay in front of every person in the crowd, including himself. He knelt down and unwrapped his.
The sticky brown stick-things inside were unlike anything he had ever seen before, but when he took a wary nibble of one, he found it tasted sweet and perhaps a little nutty, and had a consistency something like a syrup-covered biscuit. He took a larger bite, chewing it carefully. Then he swallowed, and called to the theurgists, “Well done!”

The Final Calling[2]

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