The Overlord's Palace in Ethshar of the Spices has been the home of the ruler and his family and assistants since before the end of the Great War. Unlike the central location of the Palace in Ethshar of the Sands, this Palace is located in the northern part of the city -- the city has expanded southward since it was built.

It stands at the southern end of the Grand Canal and surrounded by a moat which branches off that canal. A single bridge at the center of the southern facade connects it to a plaza and the rest of the city.

The southern facade of the building, faced with yellow marble, is 804′ long, while the total depth, back to front, is 288′. On the northern facade the two corners are clipped, so that side runs only 612′ while the east and west ends run 192′. Beneath the visible structure three levels of cellars are buried, going down about 40'.[1]

In 5236 YS the warlock Vond lifted the entire structure in a display of power before going to confront Guildmaster Ithinia for her efforts against him. Ithinia of the Isle would use the spell Varrin's Greater Propulsion to allow it to be restored to its proper place. However, the ruler Azrad VII, took advantage of the month duration of the spell to spend move the castle about, earning him the cognomen Azrad the Airborn. At the end of that period, however, the Palace was permanently returned to it's place.

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