Night of Madness (Novel) 1
Night of Madness (Novel)
First Published: November 2000, Tor Books
Main Character: Lord Hanner
When the mysterious appearance of a new type of magic appears amidst chaos, those effected try to find a new place in the world for themselves.
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Ithanalin's Restoration >

The seventh Legend of Ethshar, it was published after The Spell of the Black Dagger and before Ithanalin's Restoration. Set in 5202 YS, it comes chronologically after The Misenchanted Sword but before the other novels and most if not all of the short stories. It reveals very little about warlockry aside from the generally known information. In fact, the book shows that the events of the Night of Madness and warlockry itself was more poorly understood at that time than any point after. The main character of the novel is Hanner, a minor lord in Ethshar of the Spices and nephew to the much more important Lord Faran.




  • Mavi of Newmarket -Nerra's friend and Hanner's love interest.
  • Alris -Hanner's youngest sister
  • Kennan of the Crooked Smile -Aggressively agitated against the new warlocks after the disappearance of his son, Aken, who had been Called
  • Verrin the Weaver -Warlock
  • Desset of Eastwark -Warlock
  • Rudhira of Camptown
  • Yorn of Ethshar -Warlock and former guardsman
  • Saldan of Southgate -Warlock, arrested on the Night of Madness for dueling in the streets
  • Kirsha the Younger -Warlock , arrested on the Night of Madness for theft and vandalism
  • Manrin the Mage -Guildmaster in Ethshar of the Sands and Warlock. Daughter Ferris was one of those immediately Called
  • Ulpen of North Herris -apprentice to the wizard Abdaran the White and warlock


  • Bern -Housekeeper at the Warlock House.
  • Shella the Apprentice -former witch's apprentice who discovered how to tell warlocks from non-warlocks and make people into warlocks.
  • Alladia of Shiphaven – Warlock and former theurgist
  • Roggit Rayel's son - Warlock
  • Gror of the Crooked Teeth -Warlock
  • Alar Agor's son -Warlock
  • Artalda the Fair -Warlock
  • Othisen Okko's son -Warlock from the countryside
  • Zarek the Homeless -Warlock
  • Elken the Beggar -Warlock, formerly homeless, killed for trying to use warlockry to "take over" the Hundred Foot Field
  • Shemder Parl's son -Warlock and mass murderer
  • Pancha -Neighbor of Mavi's, warlock
  • Ilvin -Kirsha's cousin and Warlock

  • Captain Naral of the City Guard
  • Captain Vengar -commander of the guard detachment inside the palace.
  • Mother Perréa -witch
  • Old Woman Kara -Only person not taken from her village in Aldagmor

Inner CircleEdit

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