Night Flight is a story about the wizard Daru of the Nimble Fingers "rescuing" the Princess Kirna of Quonmor from the wizard Gar of Uramor.



  • Daru of the Nimble Fingers -minor wizard who moved to the Small Kingdoms from Ethshar of the Spices because there would be less competition.
  • Princess Kirna of Quonmor -Princess of Quonmor who follows a wizard home because she wants excitement, adventure, and magic- and gets it.


  • Gar of Uramor -Small Kingdoms wizard who locks up the princess and takes some of her blood and tears.
  • His Majesty King Tolthar of Quonmor, third of that name, rightful lord of Ethshar
  • Her Majesty Queen Isia

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