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Specialized focus by some practitioners of magic
This specialization focuses on Death and the dead.
Novels and Short Stories
Taking Flight, The Spell of the Black Dagger

Necromancy is the use of magic to deal with death and the dead. Primarily focused with speaking to the dead or ensuring a dead individual's soul has moved on. Theurgists are most useful at contacting the departed while demonologists can only rarely contact anyone but dead demonologists. Neither of those schools require a body, however, while wizards generally do and witches almost certainly do. Necromancy is entirely outside the purview of warlockry and no known necromantic sorcerers exist.

There is no known way to restore an individual who has died to life, though petrifaction is an entirely separate issue.


Theurgical necromancy has a variety of options, the most obvious of which is to contact Luzro, the god of death and the dead. A number of other gods take direct or indirect interest in the dead.


There are a number of spells which interact with death and the dead even beyond wizard's fascination with obscure, arcane, and often macabre components. Spells which allow wizards to entrap and speak to dead seem uncommon, but are not unknown.


While demonologists can, sometimes, reach the souls of other demonologists by making deals with a demon who has possession of or access to that individual's soul wherever it resides in the Nethervoid, their most frequent association with death and the dead is through making payments to their demonic contacts in either souls or lives.

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