Mizagars are creatures that were used by the Northern Empire in the Great War. Much as dragons were created by wizards, mizgars were sorcerous creations[1]. Their creation involves a number of sorceries which are now lost.

According to old stories mizgars were used to guard out-of-the-way places where it would not be advantageous to use soldiers or magicians. They are described as being as large as a horse in body, with short, thick legs and much larger heads. Their black, hairless, leathery hides are said to make them nearly invisible at night. They also move low to the ground to make them harder to spot. All of this combines with their ability to move quickly and silently to make them very hard to detect. They neither breed nor age and humans are their preferred food, though they can live on other things for as long as necessary. They tend to avoid groups or structures but are the bane of individual scouts or farmers who are alone.

Mizagar's tracks are unusual - diagonal grooves that are very closely spaced.