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Lady Sarai
Born: YS 5205,
Age: 31
Trade: Minister of Justice, Lady Investigator
Home: Home::Ethshar of the Sands
Associated with: Captain Tikri
Novels and Short Stories
The Spell of the Black Dagger

Lady Sarai is the Minister of Justice and Lady Investigator for Ethshar of the Sands. She is considered something of a legend after her investigation and participation in the actions against Tabaea the Thief.

Sarai inherited the position of Minster of Justice from her father. While it had previously only passed through the male line the next male heir is her younger brother who had not reached age and spent much of his life ill. While indications are that he will take up the position when he comes of age, the overlord Ederd IV seems perfectly content with her holding the position- largely because of her semi-legendary status. As Minister of Justice, she is the senior magistrate in Ethshar of the Sands, handling cases which fall outside or across the boundaries of the lower magistrates' authority.

The position of Lady Investigator was created for Sarai by the overlord at her father's suggestion. The idea was planted when Sarai proved herself capable, by simple logical reasoning, of solving a crime where there was too much magical interference to accurately divine the truth. Originally envisioned as a senior detective in the service of the Minister of Justice, the overlord expanded it to include all manner of information gathering, including informants and spying as possible.

Sarai has the distinction of being the only person other than Tabaea the Thief to wield the Black Dagger, which she possessed briefly. During this time, she possessed superhuman speed, strength, and acuity of senses (gained by killing a number of animals.) These abilities vanished when she inadvertantly traveled to the dead magic zone in the mountains bordering Dwomor; however, she killed a rabbit and possibly other small animals on the return trip, resulting in some enhancement of her senses. Whether she retained these abilities when the Black Dagger was destroyed is unknown.

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