Krithimion is one of the Small Kingdoms located on the Great Highway, where it is located between Ophera to the east and Bugoa to the west. The centre of government is Krithimion Keep to the south of the Great Highway

Unlike most of the Small Kingdoms which are essentially glorified seigneuries, Krithimion more resembles a true city state, as an entire town, Krithim, fills the half-mile between Krithimion Keep and the Great Highway. Assuming Krithim is regularly shaped this would give it an area of around 150 acres and a likely population in excess of 10,000 people (using comparable population densities to classical cities). Krithim has a market square distinct from the Great Highway and some paved streets and a wide variety of shops.

Unlike most of the Small Kingdoms visited in the course of the Ethshar stories which are backwaters, Krithimion would seem to be prospering economically, as indeed LWE has stated that some of the northern and coastal kingdoms are.

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