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Kilisha of Eastgate
Born: YS 5210,
Age: 26
Trade: Wizardry
Master: Ithanalin the Wise
Home: Home::Ethshar of the Rocks
Novels and Short Stories
Ithanalin's Restoration

Kalisha of Eastgate is wizard and was apprenticed to Ithanalin the Wise. A little short, her hair is a nondescript brown worn long and in a ponytail. Her eyes are hazel, the solid color somewhere between brown and green rather than either flecked with the other. She appears completely and totally ordinary, even preferring fashions common to the girls of her age.

She earned her status as a journeyman before her eighteenth birthday by reversing the effects of a magical mishap which left Ithanalin's animating force and spirit dispersed through the objects in his parlor. Her master would not officially release her until she was eighteen and offered to allow her to stay as long as she wished afterward.

Known: The Finger of Flame, Thrindle's Combustion, Eknerwal's Lesser Invisibility, Fendel's Elementary Protection, Spell of the Spinning Coin, the Iridescent Amusement, Lesser Spell of Invaded Dreams, Felshen's First Hypnotic, Fendel's Spectacular Illusion, Yellow Cloud, Accelerated Corruption, Spell of Perpetual Sharpness, Gilad's Blemish Removal, Cauthen's Remarkable Love Spell, Fendel's Infatuous Love Spell, Lugwiler's Dismal Itch, Prismatic Pyrotechnics, Tracel's Adaptable Potion, Yellow Cloud, Kandif's Spell of Warning, Spell of Impeded Egress, Spell of Optimum Strength, Tracel's Adaptable Potion, Tracel's Levitation, Varen's Levitation, Eshom’s Oenological Transformation, Spell of the Impeded Egress, Greater Spell of Invaded Dreams, Javan's Restorative

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