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Ithanalin the Wise
Trade: Wizardry
Apprentices: Kilisha of Eastgate
Home: Ethshar of the Rocks
Married to Yara
Parent of Telleth, Lirrin, Pirra

Ithanalin the Wise is a master wizard who lives in Ethshar of the Rocks. After a spriggan helped cause a personal catastrophe requiring his apprentice Kilisha of Eastgate to gather up the pieces of his spirit, which had been distributed in the objects in his parlor animating them, and teach herself a new spell to restore him Ithanalin became a strong voice that the Wizards' Guild needed to do something about the creatures, ultimately leading to Tobas of Telven and his wives being told to find and deal with the Spriggan Mirror.

Specialization: animation
Known: The Finger of Flame, Eknerwal's Lesser Invisibility, Fendel's Elementary Protection, Spell of the Spinning Coin, the Iridescent Amusement, Thrindle's Combustion, Lesser Spell of Invaded Dreams, Felshen's First Hypnotic, Fendel's Spectacular Illusion, Yellow Cloud, Accelerated Corruption, Spell of Perpetual Sharpness, Gilad's Blemish Removal, Cauthen's Remarkable Love Spell, Fendel's Infatuous Love Spell, Lugwiler's Dismal Itch, Prismatic Pyrotechnics, Tracel's Adaptable Potion, Yellow Cloud, Kandif's Spell of Warning, Spell of Impeded Egress, Spell of Optimum Strength, Tracel's Adaptable Potion, Tracel's Levitation, Varen's Levitation, Eshom’s Oenological Transformation, Spell of Impeded Egress, Greater Spell of Invaded Dreams, Javan's Restorative, Servile Animation, Spell of the Obedient Object, Familiar Animation, Fendel's Familiar, Servile Animation, Ellran's Immortal Animation, the Creeping Darkness, Thrindle's Instantaneous Putrefaction, Fendel's Soothing Euphony

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