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Irith the Flyer
Born: YS 4978,
Age: 258
Trade: Wanderer, Wizardry
Master: Kalirin the Clever
Home: Great Highway
Birth Place: Dria
Novels and Short Stories
Taking Flight

Irith the Flyer was born in 4978 YS during the Great War. At the age of 12 she was tested at Dria castle, which had recently split off from the Holy Kindom of Ethshar to become one of the Small Kingdoms, and it was determined she would make a good wizard. She was set as an apprentice under Kalirin the Clever, scared of either being a combat wizard or a research wizard, Irith found a way out of her compulsory term of service by using Javan's Second Augmentation of Magical Memory to grant herself a number of magical abilities at the cost of breaking her Athame, and thus being unable to use most wizardry.

In addition to eternal youth Irith exists under a glamour, a beauty spell, and can use the Spell of Sustenance, Fendel's Infatuous Love Spell, Ennerl's Total Invisibility (though it seems to have been flawed in the casting), and Haldane's Instant Transformation. With Haldane's Instant Transformation she can turn into a horse, a bird, a fish, a cat, herself with wings, or a horse with wings. Although the ritual granted her many abilities, it also came at a steep price; Irith is unchanging not only physically, but also mentally. Although she can learn, she can never mature; she will forever remain the somewhat immature and not-very-brave person she was at the moment she performed the spell.

In 5222 Valder the Innkeeper says he has known her for some 200 years and she is one of the non-wizard immortal individuals the Wizards' Guild checks with when significant events occur.

Irith should not be confused with Iridith.