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Born: YS 4753,
Age: 483
Trade: Wizardry
Married to Valder the Innkeeper
Novels and Short Stories
The Misenchanted Sword, Taking Flight, Night of Madness

Iridith is a powerful and ancient wizard and the wife of Valder the Innkeeper. She is 483 years old, has traded charms with Fendel the Great when he visited the Inn at the Bridge, and is a member of the Inner Circle of the Wizards' Guild. She met Valder when he saved her from being assaulted while she was visiting her former apprentice Agravan of the Golden Eye in Ethshar of the Spices. At that time Valder was seeking a means to break the enchantment on Wirikidor, and thus die before he grew too old. She instead provided him Enral's Eternal Youth Spell. At that time she was 288 years old. She had served as a combat wizard for a century under Admiral Sidor and Admiral Dathet, both predecessors to Admiral Azrad.

Not to be confused with Irith the Flyer