Ingredients is a short story about the wizard's apprentice Irillon who was sent by her master, Ethtallion the Mage, to retrieve the components for Haldane's Iridescent Amusement; the blood, hair, and a piece of the scaffolding on which a criminal was executed. Set in Tintallion, the criminal was being executed for supporting the wrong side of their ongoing civil war- a feature which complicates Irillion's work as she shares that sympathy. Irillion manages to use the majority of the little magic she has in an effort to complete her task successfully before she discovers that the required items can simply be purchased.

Named CharactersEdit

Major CharactersEdit

  • Irillion of the Isle aka Irillion the Apprentice -Wizard's apprentice and main character.
  • Captain Alderamon- Captain of the Guard.

non-speaking charactersEdit

  • Therindallo- the executed criminal.

referenced charactersEdit

  • King Serulinor- King of Tintallion of the Coast, and rightful ruler of all Tintallion.
  • King Buramikin- King of Tintallion of the Island, and rightful ruler of all Tintallion.
  • Ethtallion the Mage- Irillion's master

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