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Hanner the Generous
Born: YS 5179,
Age: 57
Trade: Warlockry, Noblity
Called: 5219, Effective Age: 40
Home: Home::Ethshar of the Sands
Married to Mavi of Newmarket, Rudhira of the Refuge
Parent of Faran, Arris, Hala
Novels and Short Stories
Night of Madness, The Final Calling

Hanner the Generous, formerly Lord Hanner and Chairman Hanner, was nephew to Lord Faran and a member of the nobility in Ethshar of the Spices until he was forced to renounce his title after being converted to a warlock on the Night of Madness. Hanner founded the Council of Warlocks in an effort to gain support from the Wizards' Guild for the legitimacy of warlockry as a type of magic, a position resisted by many after the events of the Night of Madness. Hanner was one of the original warlocks, transformed on the Night of Madness, though his relatively weak ability and the fact he was awake at the moment of transformation meant it took some time before he realized or revealed his transformation.

He married Mavi of Newmarket, and practiced as a warlock until Called in YS 5219. During that time he was Chairman of the Council of Warlocks, being succeeded to the title by Karannin of Zobaya.

He awoke with all the other called Warlocks late in 5236 and immediately started working to see that the displaced and unprepared individuals were taken care of. Ithinia of the Isle has saught to reinstate him as Chairman, a purly honorary title useful from her view to aid in the resettlement of warlocks into other occupations. Over the subsequent days his actions supporting and providing for the disempowered warlocks brought him into contact with Sterren of Semma, into conflict with Vond, and earned him the cognomen "the Generous."

Hanner lives with his second wife, Rudhira of the Refuge, and administers Hanner's Refuge.