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Hallin’s Transporting Fissure
Order: ?
Created by: Hallin
Effect: transportation
Athame symbol
Novels and Short Stories
Night of Madness, The Vondish Ambassador, The Spriggan Mirror

Hallin’s Transporting Fissure is a seventh-order spell which provides one-way transportation to a specific location by means of creating a stairway into the ground, a relatively short passageway, then a stairway back up in the new location. The creation of these stairways, or fissures, is accompanied by small scale earthquakes.

The spell is prepared by enchanting a small flute the production of which is something of a process. Once the flute is created it can be enchanted, which takes several hours, and from that time it remains enchanted indefinitely until used. Using the flute requires a specific tune be played, including a single note which must be sustained for the duration of travel. If the note is interrupted the fissure will close, possibly prematurely, to an unfortunate end for all remaining within the passage. Should the tune otherwise be misplayed other ill effects may occur, the simplest of which being that the destination stairway is moved from the intended location. The flute need not be played by the individual who enchanted it, but once played the enchantment is spent and the flute must be purified and re-enchanted before it can be used again.

Morkai of the Crooked Hill was given such a flute by the Wizards' Guild for transport to Ethshar of the Spices should something threaten the Towers of Lumeth.

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