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Galger's Lid Remover
Order: ?
Created by: Galger
Effect: open container
diamond chip, gold wire, steel rod, silver mirror Athame symbol
Novels and Short Stories
With a Single Spell

Galger's Lid Remover is described as a method for opening jars and other objects, which it accomplishes in a singular fashion. The spell causes "a demonic eight-foot thing, glittering like crystal ablaze with white fire, with razor-sharp claws fangs and horns, to appear from nowhere with a banshee wail, snatch [a jar from the caster's hands] twist off the lid with a scream of tortured metal, and then vanish with the sound of shattered glass, leaving jar and lid on the floor at his feet."

components; athame, diamond chip, gold wire, steel rod, and silver mirror.