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Fendel’s Superior Petrifaction
Order: ?
Created by: Fendel the Great
Effect: petrifaction
Athame symbol
Novels and Short Stories
Night of Madness, The Vondish Ambassador

Fendel’s Superior Petrifaction turns someone into stone. The process turns the subject to stone when the wizard casting the spell touches their athame to a liquid created in the process of the spell which is contained within a crystal goblet. The spell is considered Superior primarily because, unlike spells such as Bazil’s Irreversible Petrifaction, it is easily reversible; requiring only the simple expedient of smashing the goblet- liquid and all. The standard spell produces marble, though the spell can be modified to produce a variety of stone types ranging from sandstone to granite.

This spell has been used on at least one occasion to foil Fendel's Assassin, though the use was tailored to the specific situation.

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