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Fendel's Juggernaut
Order: ?
Created by: Fendel the Great
Effect: ?
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Fendel's Juggernaut is a wizard spell.[1]

The spell takes about three hours to prepare, and when that’s done you have a snail shell with a bit of sandstone stuffed into it. The wizard then rolls the snail shell in the direction he wants it to go, and the shell starts picking up everything around it — loose rocks, paving stones, sticks, wagons, etc. — like a cartoon snowball, getting larger and larger and smashing everything in its path until such time as someone (it doesn’t need to be the wizard) applies the counter-charm. It moves at roughly walking speed, in a straight line, until it’s either stopped or falls off the edge of the World.

It will not pick up anything alive. It’ll squash living things just fine, but it won’t add them to the juggernaut. Its size maxes out at about 150 feet in diameter.

Invented during the Great War, this spell was very effective against the Northern Empire the first two or three times it was used, but then they learned the counter-charm.[2]

Interestingly, Fendel the Great explicitly denies having been involved in military research involving juggernauts to Valder of Kaldoret when they were trapped together by Northern Sorcerers and Shatra.

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