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Fendel's Assassin
Order: 3
Created by: Fendel the Great
Effect: attack
honey, salt, silk, a bloodstone Athame symbol
Novels and Short Stories
Night of Madness, The Vondish Ambassador, The Final Calling

Fendel's Assassin is a well known third-order spell requiring two to three hours for a competent wizard which summons an invisible entity which unerringly finds its target and, at the dictated moment attempts to slay them. The method of attack is also specified by the summoner and is generally strangulation or attack with the creature's wickedly sharp claws because they require no equipment other than what the creature already possesses. The stalker can, if it wishes, pass through solid objects. This is one reason that the assassin is frequently instructed to use its natural strength and weaponry- any other weapons it should take are not rendered invisible or allowed to pass through solid objects.

Once the attack is attempted the stalker is banished back whence it came. If the target somehow survives the attempt the stalker is also banished.

Fendel’s Assassin has been in use for centuries so there has been abundant opportunity to experiment with it and learn just how it works, including a variety of charms related to it, such as simple spells to detect if it remains active. There is, however, no universal and consistent counter-charm to it, though a clever individual can sometimes work around its instructions. One tool those subject to the stalker can use is that the creatures crave honey and can be negotiated with by providing them with it. This includes discovering the instructions the stalker has been given, but it can not turn them aside from their assignment. Secondary bargains struck with a stalker have been known to hold the creatures in the World past their required attempt at assassination. While a stalker is prohibited from intentionally harming others while acting in accordance with the spell it appears that once they have fulfilled their attempt they are under no such further restriction, and they will become openly and brutally hostile towards those who stand in the way of the completion of any secondary bargains.

components; honey, salt, a yard or so of silk, a bloodstone, and a wizard’s athame. [1]

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