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Ezdral the Sot
Associated with: Irith the Flyer

Ezdral the Sot was a young man in one of the Small Kingdoms when Irith the Flyer met him and subjected him to Fendel's Infatuous Love Spell. They traveled together until Irith became bored with him, and disenchanted with his increasingly frequent talk of settling down, and left him. He remained enchanted for most of his life, living in Shan on the Desert and spending most of his money on Oushka until Kelder of Shulara encountered him and became determined to break the enchantment on him. Iridith would ultimately provide instructions for Irith to break the enchantment. Ezdral became enraged upon realizing he had lost his entire life pining away after Irith because of an enchantment. The soldiers at Azrad's Bridge got him to Ethshar of the Spices where Kelder and Valder the Innkeeper supposed he would probably end up in the Hundred Foot Field.

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