Placeholder person
Born: YS 5228,
Age: 8
Trade: Witchcraft
Home: Ethshar of the Rocks
Birth Place: Dwomor
Novels and Short Stories
The Spriggan Mirror

Esmera was created as a magical reflection of Karanissa of the Mountains by the Spriggan Mirror. Gresh used Lirrim’s Rectification on her to make her a complete reflection and then Javan's Restorative on the original Karanissa to sever the magical bond that was created between the original and reflection. Due to the situation surrounding her creation- including Tobas' very negative reaction to the possibility of ending up with a third wife (and the increase in marital strife that would cause), she moved on to start her own life, moving in with and starting a relationship with Gresh who had promised to help her get on her feet

She is a talented witch with over 400 years of memories and immortality.

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