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Edaran of Ethshar
Born: YS 5001,
Death: ?
"?" is not a number.
Trade: Overlord
Home: Home::Ethshar of the Sands
Parent of Edarth of the Sands
Parents: Anaran of the Sands
Novels and Short Stories
The Misenchanted Sword

Edaran of Ethshar was the second overlord of Ethshar of the Sands and the first overlord to ascend to his position without having been a general in the Ethsharatic army during the Great War. His ascension would set the standard for hereditary assumption of the title of overlord thereafter, though some at the time viewed his placement as a 10 year old by by Azrad the Great and Gor of the Rocks as a purely political move that allowed them to use him as a puppet. Gor further increased his influence by marrying his son Goran of the Rocks to Edaran's older sister Ishta of the Sands.

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