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Dina the Wizard
Born: YS 5188,
Age: 48
Trade: Wizardry
Master: Ziridin of Farmgate
Home: Home::Ethshar of the Rocks
Never Married
Parents: Keshan the Merchant, Piri of Ethshar
Novels and Short Stories
The Spriggan Mirror

Dina the Wizard is the eldest child of Keshan the Merchant and Piri of Ethshar. Born on the nineteenth of Greengrowth, YS 5188, her parents mistakenly believed her name to mean "fortunate." (The actual root means "leader.")

Dina showed a keen mind and an interest in magic from the first. As Dina the Clever she was apprenticed to a wizard, Ziridin of Farmgate, in Summerheat 5200. She completed her apprenticeship on the fourth of Summersend, 5206, and after various occupation as a journeyman, purchased a shop on Wizard Street in her native city of Ethshar of the Rocks in Icebound, 5212, and set up in business under the rather unimaginative name Dina the Wizard. She was granted master status by the Wizards' Guild, allowing her to train apprentices, in Rains, 5213. Despite offers, she has never married.


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