The Demerchan, or the Cult of Demerchan are a group that operate primarily in the Small Kingdoms. Best known as assassins, they have demonstrated that they have significant resources at their disposal. These resources include a variety of types of magic, including wizardry, and networks of tunnels extending throughout the region.

The Demerchan claim to be the remnants of the spy network of the Holy Kingdom of Ethshar, much as the Hegemony of the Three Ethshars is the evolution of the Ethsharatic army and the Wizards' Guild is the result of the Ethsharatic magic programs. They acknowledge that Demerchan is derived from an old word meaning "hired killer," but that it is largely a cover for their true purpose of collecting, preserving, and sometimes concealing knowledge. As part of this drive the Cult has preserved a number of practices and types of magic thought long lost, including advanced practices in sorcery, science, demonology, and theurgy.

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