The Council of Warlocks was formed in Ethshar of the Spices shortly after the Night of Madness by Hanner, who would become the first Chairman. A guild organization for practitioners of warlockry, the Council sets out guidelines for warlocks and enforces their good behavior. It was the formation of the Council that won warlocks the support of the Wizards' Guild as fellow magicians and thus prevented them from being outlawed in the Hegemony of the Three Ethshars


While all warlocks are answerable to, and can call upon, the Council if issues arise, the Council itself is composed of the twenty most powerful warlocks with the most powerful being Chairman. Positions on the council regularly change as the senior members are Called. Each major city has its own Council of twenty, with a Chariman, though all councils are answerable to the head council in Ethshar of the Spices.


Ethshar of the SpicesEdit

  1. Chairman Hanner
  2. Karannin of Zobayan fuck yah
  3. Zallin of the Mismatched Eyes

Ethshar of the SandsEdit

  1. Vengar the Warlock
  2. Mavi of Beachgate


  1. All warlocks are answerable to the Council.
    • If a warlock is called upon by the Council to perform a task they must comply.
  2. Warlock's formal wear is black clothing with white or gold trim.

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