A Combat Wand was an intricate metal wand used by Northern combat sorcerers during the Great War. Capable of rapidly dealing amazing amounts of damage, such wands could rip a man to pieces almost instantaneously from a dozen paces.

"...streak of red flame flashed past, tearing through the twilight ... three sharp smacks sounded, followed by an instant of uncanny whistling screams as sorcerous projectiles tore across the interior of the hut ... The sound ended in a second three-part snap as they exited through the north wall...

"[the sorcerer did] something with his wand, perhaps making a mystical gesture or perhaps only adjusting something; then he lifted it to chest-height and pointed it at the fiery remains of the hut. Red streaks of light scarred the air ... and the burning ruin fell inward all at once, with a roar, collapsing into a smoldering heap less than two feet high.

"The [sorcerer] did something else to his wand and pointed it again; something seemed to leap from the wand to the wreckage, and with a white flash and a sound like tearing metal the smoldering heap vanished in a shower of burning fragments, leaving only a crater." ~The Misenchanted Sword

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