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Azrad the Great
Born: about YS 4959,
Death: about 5049
Trade: Overlord, Admiral
Home: Ethshar of the Spices
Parent of Azrad, Kelder
Novels and Short Stories
The Misenchanted Sword

Azrad the Great, formerly Admiral Azrad and rarely called Azrad I, was the first overlord of Ethshar of the Spices. Commander of the Ethsharatic navy, his home base was the closest of the commanders of the Ethsharatic army to the Small Kingdoms, and the best established because it had not been threatened in many years. One of the three original triumvirs of the Hegemony of the Three Ethshars, Azrad held power longer than his two contemporaries Gor of the Rocks and Anaran of the Sands, outliving both of his own sons so that Azrad II was actually his grandson.

Admiral Sidor and Admiral Dathet were Azrad's predecessors.

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