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Asham the Gate-Keeper
Difficulty of Invocation: 5
Domain: travel
Novels and Short Stories
Night of Madness, The Vondish Ambassador, The Final Calling

Asham the Gate-Keeper is one of the most powerful of known gods, capable of transporting thousands of people across the World and ranking with Govet in power. He is incredibly difficult to contact, and theurgists who can do so are considered to be at the top of their craft.

Ithinia watched as the air shimmered and then tore open, replacing a section of the plaza in front of the overlord’s palace with a patch of mud. She looked through it at the bedraggled crowd beyond. There was an odd feeling of pressure, and a peculiar smell, reminiscent of the ocean before a storm. The wizard’s ears ached, though there had been no loud sounds to cause any such discomfort.
You have until sunset tonight, the god’s soundless voice announced. When the light of day departs, the gate will close forever.

~The Final Calling

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