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Annara of Crookwall
Trade: Wizardry
Home: Semma
Birth Place: Ethshar of the Spices
Associated with: Emner of Lamum
Novels and Short Stories
The Unwilling Warlord

Annara of Crookwall is a journeyman wizard who completed her apprenticeship under a second rate teacher. Having learned few truly useful spells she had been reduced to sleeping in the Hundred Foot Field in Ethshar of the Spices and starving. She was near selling her remaining spell components when she heard about Sterren of Semma looking for magicians to win a war in the Small Kingdoms. After the rise to power of Vond she chose to remain in the area both because her limited magic was more impressive in the Small Kingdoms and because it allowed her to act as eyes of the Wizards' Guild regarding the warlock and his fledgling empire.

Known: Explosive Seal, Eknerwal's Lesser Invisibility, Spell of the Spinning Coin

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