Angarossa is one of the Small Kingdoms on the Great Highway, located between Yondra to the west and Sinodita to the east with Shimillion and Omanon to the south. The centre of governance is Castle Angarossa which despite its name is actually a walled town with the market and most of the town inside the castle walls (something like Conwy in North Wales). As at 5222 Y.S. the ruler of Angarossa was King Caren. The kingdom of Angarossa is one of the less prosperous Small Kingdoms without good farmland or mineral resources.

It was the lack of such taxable resources which lead to the most notable feature of Angarossa - the de facto legalization of banditry. King Caren had tried to enforce tolls on the merchants using the Great Highway to supplement his income; however the merchants proved unco-operative and their guards beat up the toll collectors. This resulted in King Caren threatening to send his entire army to enforce the tolls. To avoid this a delegation of merchants went to meet King Caren and agreed to pay a small toll if he would deal with Telar the Red, a bandit raiding the Great Highway. King Caren then sent out his army who tracked down and captured Telar, who offered those soldiers money to let him go. The soldiers instead took him to King Caren, to whom Telar made the same offer, which King Caren accepted since it was much larger than the tolls that the merchants had agreed. Other bandits heard about the agreement, and as a result the Great Highway in Angarossa became infested with bandits, all paying taxes to King Caren.

As a result of this, a diversion of the Great Highway to the south of Angarossa, through Shimillion and Omanon was being considered as at 5222 Y.S.

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