Amramion is one of the smaller of the Small Kingdoms. Located on the Great Highway with Hlimora to the west, Uramor to the south and Yondra to the east. Amramion seems to be a fairly prosperous kingdom, with its main town on the Great Highway and the castle of Amramion (which more resembles a fortified manor house than a true castle) set back behind the town on a small hill. Irith the Flyer's favourite inn in Amramion is the Weary Wanderer which bakes the best biscuits on the Great Highway and whose other specialty is a variant, thick, frothy lemonade.

The southern side of the Great Highway is covered by the Forest of Amramion, which despite its name is largely located in the kingdom of Uramor to the south and partially in Hlimora to the west. It is unknown whether this is one of the enchanted forests of the Small Kingdoms.

The town of Amramion was the first town visited by Kelder of Shulara during his journey with Irith the Flyer along the Great Highway.

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