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Alladia of Shiphaven
Trade: Warlockry, Theurgy
Called: 5229,
Home: Home::Ethshar of the Spices
Novels and Short Stories
Night of Madness, The Final Calling

Alladia of Shiphaven was a successful and powerful theurgist, able to contact gods like Asham and Govet, until she was turned into a warlock of moderate ability on the Night of Madness, a trade she considered a significant step down. Living in Ethshar of the Spices, she was part of the group to gather at the Warlock House under Lord Faran and Lord Hanner early on.

Called in YS 5229, she awoke with her fellow warlocks after the Calling ended. She joined up with other theurgists and former theurgists to obtain divine help to keep the thousands present from starving or being overcome by the elements.

She may have been the cousin of Alladia the Priestess.[1]

Able to Call: Unniel the Discerning, Piskor the Generous, Tarma, Konned, Govet, Asham the Gate-Keeper
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